UPOL S2080 Scratch Resistant Clearcoat 1L

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High solids acrylic clearcoat forms a durable and tough scratch resistant surface. Crystal clear formula will not discolour the basecoat. Recommended for multiple panels and full resprays for a very high gloss finish.

  • Tack free in 60 mins
  • Easy to flat and polish
  • Thin by up to 10% with U-POL SYSTEM 20 Thinners

S2080-1L UPOL is a high solids acrylic clearcoat that provides an excellent protective finish for automotive refinishing applications. It forms a durable and tough surface with scratch resistance properties to provide protection against chipping, scratching, marring, & gouging when used over properly prepared filler, sanded or shot-blasted primers, basecoats & clearcoats.

S2080-1L UPOL is compatible with all types of paints and coatings to form a tougher outer skin. It can be used on multiple panels for large refinishing jobs where durability and good gloss retention are required. Due to the high solids formula, this product can be thinned more than the UPOL Ferro range for reduced paint use.