UPOL S2021 UHS High Build Primer Kit 6L

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A fast drying, multi-purpose primer offering the functionality of '2 products in 1' - primer filler and primer surfacer. High adhesion and corrosion resistance make it suitable for spot repairs to full panel applications.


  • Excellent build and opacity
  • Fast drying only requires 2 coats.
  • High build and corrosion resistance for spot and full panel repairs.
  • Can be used with most types of paint system: waterborne, solvent-borne and 2K systems.
The primer comes in a 6L kit, two components which are mixed together just prior to use - one cartridge contains the primer, one cartridge the hardener. The primer is based on nitrocellulose, which ensures very good adhesion to most surfaces. It dries quickly for a primer and only requires 2 coats before sanding with P180 grit paper using minimal pressure for faster cutting of the surface scratches. S2021 can be used straight from the cartridge without thinning by a professional user and is also suitable for DIYers.