UPOL Raptor Black Kit 1L

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UPOL Raptor One Bottle Kit

The 1 Bottle RAPTOR kit is ideal for smaller applications and touch-ups. Compatible with RAPTOR standard and professional application guns. Each kit contains a bottle of RAPTOR and a tin of hardener in an eye-catching retail packaging.

  • The 1 Bottle RAPTOR kit covers approximately 3m²
  • Compatible with both RAPTOR standard and professional application guns.

The 1L kit covers approximately 10 to 15m².

RAPTOR is the most advanced and versatile epoxy vehicle coating on the market for repairing, protecting and enhancing cars. It is a single pack product with no mixing required, making it quick and easy to apply. RAPTOR acts as an anti-corrosive barrier and resists the formation of rust whilst improving the structural integrity of metal.

RAPTOR will adhere to a wide range of surfaces including bare steel, galvanised steel and aluminium as well as most plastics, fibreglass and painted surfaces making it an incredibly versatile product. RAPTOR contains a UV stabiliser that absorbs UV radiation from sunlight which allows the coating to maintain its colour even when exposed to sunlight or other UV light sources.

RAPTOR uses a three-coat system that gives the product excellent durability and chemical resistance properties. The first coat provides primary protection against corrosion, the second coat adheres to metal creating a strong bond with the surface of the vehicle whilst also preventing grit from scratching the coating while the third protects against damage from fuel or oil spills.

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