UPOL Power Can Grey Primer

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Primes and fills surface imperfections prior to topcoating. Use on fully cured paint, polyester body fillers and GRP.

  • Can be overpainted with most paint systems
  • Easy sanding
  • High build and fast drying

The first step to a perfect paint finish is preparing the surface correctly. UPOL Power Can Grey Primer provides an ideal base for most paint systems, including lacquer-based paints, acrylic enamels and polyurethane varnishes. The primer's low viscosity ensures that it can be sprayed evenly onto complex surfaces such as corrugations and grooves. It's also easy to sand, which ensures a smooth finish that is ready for overcoating within just one day.

The specially formulated primer has been blended with high technology resins to ensure that it both fills and smoothes the surface of the material and bonds firmly and securely with all types of paint.

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