UPOL High#5 Primer

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Looking for the perfect surface to lay your colour?

The key to a successful spray job all comes down to the preparation, and skill of the painter. Let's face it, an average finish is easy to spot, a fantastic finish isn't quiet as easy to the untrained eye. A good surface prep needs a good quality primer, the High #5 will take the guess work out of the job.

The high build filling properties will make easy work of uneven surfaces prior to spraying your paint of choice. It's ideal for spot repairs on fully cured paint, can deal with polyester body fillers and GRP. When you're working on bare metal, if it's properly prepared, steel, aluminium and galvanized panels aren't an issue at all.

UPOL High 5 Primer is the go to primer for professionals looking to complete a small job, when mixing a 2k option isn't worth while. Lays down thick with great coverage before spraying with your chosen top coat.

What to expect

  • A similar film thickness to spray gun applied primers
  • Flat fan for ultimate film build and versatility
  • Saves time and materials – no need to mix paint or clean spray equipment and minimizes masking
  • Chromate free and easy to sand.

Available colours

  • Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • White
  • Black

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