ROAR Ceramic 1010 Starter Kit

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Ceramic Cutting Compound and Foams

ROAR stands for Rob Oliver And Richard. All three of these people had links to Farecla, specifically Rob, the chemist. Rob is responsible for formulating the popular Farecla products you use today, but felt he wanted to try out new ideas himself, in 2014 he did just that. Together with Oliver and Richard, they formed ROAR Advanced Finishing Ltd. and started producing what is now know as the 610 Extreme Cut compound. The auto refinish trade loved it.

The auto refinish trade moves fast, new coatings are being developed to dry faster and harder than ever before. A new style of cutting compound was required and ROAR has responded with the Ceramic 1010 cutting compound. Essentially, the cutting components of the compound are coated in ceramic, a tough material to break down the hardest of coatings.

As a new product, ROAR have released a introductory kit for the ceramic range. Essentially, a cutting compound, a finishing polish and two foams. A hard orange compounding foam and a soft waffle foam, both foams have developed and undergone an intensive testing procedure to work with the new ROAR ceramic range. What exactly do you get in the kit?

ROAR Ceramic Cut 1010 1kg

  • Removes coarse scratches & heavy abrasion equivalent to P1500 sanding marks or finer.
  • Designed for HS paint systems including the latest scratch-resistant and rapid air-dry finishes.
  • Faster and more efficient process speed.
  • Silicone free, body shop safe formula.
  • Easy handling

ROAR Ceramic Finish 1010 1kg

  • Permanently removes swirl marks and enhances gloss.
  • Designed for all paint systems including the latest scratch-resistant finishes.
  • Produces the ultimate showroom finish.
  • Silicone free, body shop safe formula.
  • Easy Handling

610CFH Hard Orange Compound Foam

620PF Soft Black Waffle Foam

Laser Cut Edge-less Microfibre 

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