ROAR 610 Extreme Cut 1Kg

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The New Standard of Compound

ROAR stands for Rob Oliver And Richard. All three of these people had links to Farecla, specifically Rob, the chemist. Rob is responsible for formulating the popular Farecla products you use today, but felt he wanted to try out new ideas himself, in 2014 he did just that. Together with Oliver and Richard, they formed ROAR Advanced Finishing Ltd. and started producing what is now know as the 610 Extreme Cut compound. The auto refinish trade loved it.

The reason it was loved so much was down to it's versatility, basically, the 610 is the complete compound. It covers both the compounding stages and the polishing stages, you only need to use one product, rather than a product for each stage. It cuts with ease and very quickly removes the finest of sanding marks, change the compounding head for a ROAR 620PF Polishing Foam and you'll complete the job with a super high gloss, swirl free finish.

We can talk about it all day long, but you can see it for yourself.


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