TW80 Octobase ECO Thinner 1L

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TW80 Octobase ECO Thinner 1L contains special ingredients that enable you to use it as fuel for your spray gun or airbrush.

Not only does this thinner reduce the amount of paint needed but also gives you a perfect, professional result with ease and fewer coats, with our great prices.

It does not contain any CFC's, ozone-depleting substances or solvents and it is fully compliant with regulations relating to VOC content in the paint.

Octoral TW80 Octobase Thinner for UK Delivery

TW80 is a thinner for hand or spray application. Use it as a carrier to reduce the thickness of the paint, achieving the best possible results with your equipment and materials.

In order to obtain optimal benefit from TW80 Octobase Thinner you should use it as a thinner up to 120% (volume/volume) depending on your need. In some cases you may need to reduce it further, for example in some lacquers or polyurethanes.

TW80 is compatible with all types of cellulose and acrylic paints, although we recommend a test on a hidden spot before use. Remember to clean your equipment before thinning TW80 with water.

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