Mirka Mirlon Hand Pads - Very Fine Red

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A flexible, three-dimensional fibre sanding material that is easy to use on profiled surfaces and produces an excellent finish, thanks to its special structure. Mirlon ideal for matting of surfaces and creates an excellent base for the next lacquer layer.

Advantages of Very Fine Mirka Hand Pads 

1) Longer lifetime - the final surface after sanding with Mirka Hand Pads is much smoother due to very uniform abrasion.

2) Better grip - thanks to the special coating of the abrasive, dust stays on the pad better. This creates a stronger grip to your sander so it doesn't slip when you are working on high-pressure points during sanding.

3) Comfortable grip - unlike other competitors' products, the new pads were designed specifically for orbital sanders and they fit perfectly around them creating an even better grip compared to other brands.

4) Less wrist strain - since you don't need any extra force anymore or experience slipping of your sander, there's no more strain put on your wrist or hands.

5) High quality material - the new pads are made of high quality polyurethane (PU), which has mixed qualities of rubber and plastic with better abrasion possibilities. PU is also very durable, flexible and easy to use.