JTape DUO Masking Tape 75mm

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Innovative solution to protect the inside of the vehicle from overspray

DUO Masking Tape is highly versatile and can be used to mask a wide variety of applications around the vehicle. Its primary application is to mask rubber seals along the top of the doors, creating a void when spraying cant rails and roof pillars with no adhesive exposure. It can also be used when spraying individual panels such as: doors, bonnet/hood, boot/trunk and wing/fender. It’s the perfect product and smart solution for protecting the inside of the vehicle from overspray.

Cleverly the adhesive on both sides vastly improves the efficiency of the process and makes masking cant rails, in preparation for painting simple – without leaving any hard edges! Made from high quality materials, the rigid edge allows the masking of individual panels, with perforated sections for easy-tear and a lifting tab enables easy removal.


JTAPE DUO Masking Tape - #TAPESMART from JTAPE on Vimeo.