Indasa Web Hand Pads - Ultra Fine Grey

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  • They are made of high density material. The light weight, ensures its smooth handling and easy use by the operator.

  • These Hand Pads are extremely useful during all types of web processing operations like Slitting, rewinding, creasing etc., It is made pure grey wool which gets to stick on any type of paper or other mediums.

  • Provides very good cushioning while printing on hard surfaces.

What are Indasa Hand Pads and how are they used in car refinishing?

An Indasa hand pad is actually a foam-like material that works as an extra layer that takes out some abrasion or wears off your regular sandpaper or finishing paper.

Hand pads act like sponges that absorb some particles from the surface on which you're using them.

They also help in getting smooth finishes by taking away any kind of unevenness like swirly marks, lines, or scratches that you might have created on the vehicle's surface with your regular sandpaper.

You can use these pads to enhance the texture of any surface and get a uniform finish.