Indasa High Build Grey Primer+ 500ml

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High Build and Super Quality

The secret to a quality finish is in the preparation, some say. Imagine that you've spent time repairing an area of damage only for it to be ruined by an inferior primer. This can't happen with the Indasa High Build, because it's exactly that, a high build, meaning that it's a thick evenly coated product. In fact, it's so good, it could be used to cover up a rush preparation, meaning that the secret to a quality finish is to use Indasa High Build Primer. Easy.

The key to this primer is the PLUS. In simple terms, it sticks to anything.

  • Superb build and scratch filling properties
  • Excellent adhesion Ideal for bare metal rub through repair
  • Suitable for plastics (no need for adhesion promoter)

We push this primer all day long, it's reliable and a must have in the store cupboard of a body shop.