HB Body Bumper Paint

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Fast drying acrylic topcoat for plastic parts. Excellent coverage. Suitable for use on all plastic surfaces e.g. bumpers, moldings etc (except PE) without primer or adhesion promoter underneath.

Why should you buy HB Body Bumper Paint?

  • Available in black, grey, dark grey & light greys, red, white & silver.
  • It's resistant to high temperatures (120°c/248°F), sunlight and bad weather conditions.
  • For interior and exterior use.
  • The Bumper Paint is a special paint produced by HB Body Styling exclusively for the aftermarket industry.
It is an acrylic top coat with no solvent added which makes it smell very little and give off absolutely no fumes. It is produced in various colors to suit your personal taste on a wide variety of plastic bumpers, door handles, moldings, etc on tons of makes and models from all over the world.