HB Body Acryl Thinner 1L

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Special thinner (reducer) used for the dilution of 2K acrylic high build primers and 2K acrylic topcoats and basecoats. Dilutes perfectly and provides a perfect surface without any elongation of the drying time. It can also be used for the cleaning of equipment used in the application of acrylic material. DOES NOT contain Recycled Solvents.

Recommended for this product:

The primer is diluted to 10% with HB Body Acryl Thinner 1L. The topcoat can be diluted up to 20%. To clean the equipment after the application of the material, dilute 1 part of thinner in 2-3 parts of water.

Instructions for use:

Shake before using!

  • Dilute the primer with HB Body Acryl Thinner 1L at a ratio of 10% (primer:thinner).
  • Dilute the topcoat with HB Body Acryl Thinner 1L at a ratio of 20%.
  • It is recommended to use diluted thinner for diluting and cleaning equipment.
  • DO NOT mix different types of thinners (eg.. HB Body Acryl Thinner 1L with Acrylic Thinner). Clean equipment with diluted thinner after using it.