HB Body 770 Antisil Degreaser 1L

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This degreaser product is a special kind of cleaner that will leave your surfaces free from any contamination, before painting. We recommend using it when you are prepping for an upcoming project in order remove unwanted marks left behind by other cleaners or paints.

Shake well and spray onto the surface being worked on; let sit 5 minutes while doing whatever else needs done - then wash off with plenty amount water once finished!

Where is the HB Body 770 Antisil Degreaser suitable?

HB Body 770 Antisil Degreaser 1L is suitable for use in brush and foam/foam-on-edge car washes. It does not contain any harmful or abrasive ingredients and is safe for all types of vehicle paintwork, chrome and polished metal surfaces (e.g., bumpers).

When diluted with water, HB Body 770 Antisil Degreaser 1L forms a safe pre-soak for use in presoak systems to loosen grease and oils prior to entering the main wash.

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