HB Body 290 Ultra Light Filler 3L

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2K ultra light polyester filler with excellent adhesion and elasticity over all metallic, wood and polyester surfaces. Spreads smoothly giving a pinhole free finish. Dries quickly and is extremely easy to easy to dry sand with P120 - P400 or wet sand with P180 - P400.

How to use

Step 1: Preparation

Surface must be clean, dry and free from any oil or grease. Sweep/vacuum surface to remove any dust particles that may fall into the filler as it dries. Mask off all areas that you do not want covered with filler.

Filler will cover a maximum area of 250cm² per litre and can be applied up to a maximum of 5mm depending on the porosity of the substrate.

Step 2: Application

1. To mix, use one disposable container for mixing and clean it with HB Solvent or thinner after use. Using unsuitable equipment such as an air compressor may cause the filler to harden in the container.

2. Put on gloves, dispense HB Body 290 Ultra Light Filler 3L onto disposable container.

3. Stir with mixing stick until there are no lumps left before use.

4. Using a clean disposable brush or spatula, fill the crack/hole/s then level off using applicator or putty knife.

5. Once fully dry (around 30 minutes), sand down with P240 - P400 then remove dust particles and oily fingerprints etc…with HB Cleaning Cloth/HB Cleaning Sponge.

6. If the surface is uneven, lightly fill again and double check before finishing and curing.

7. Spread this filler thinly to ensure easy sanding.

8. Leave to dry for 24 hours before applying any putty, paint or clear coat finishes.

Step 3: Finishing

Apply a light coating of HB Lubricant /1K Glaze/2K Urethane Clear Coat Finish then leave to cure at room temperature (25°) for 1 week.

Please note that HB Body 290 Ultra Light Filler 3L will only have the same effect as the original substrate.