Evercoat Rage Optex 3L

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Changes colour when it's ready to sand

Probably the best filler in the market, quite a bold statement we realise, but you'll have to try it to appreciate it. Which ever way you look at it, auto refinishing is all about time and money, the less time you take to complete a job, the more money is made.

However, rushing jobs doesn't necessary mean money. Get the job done, first time, on time, and essentially, this is what Rage Optex is all about. OPTEX™ body filler and putty products change color from pink to green, letting the body shop technician know the repair is properly catalysed and ready to sand. Whether you're repairing large or small dents, OPTEX takes the guesswork out of the application process, saving body shops time and money.

Advantages of Evercoat Rage Optex

  • Spreads easy and virtually eliminates micro-pinholes
  • Uses traditional Evercoat cream hardener mixed at a 2% ratio
  • Excellent adhesion to steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, SMC, fiberglass, and silicon bronze welds
  • Contains patented ECORESIN™ technology for superior sanding properties

Car Paint Experts held demo days of the Rage Optex, those who attended loved it. Those who bought it, have never looked back, they're hooked.

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