Evercoat Metal Glaze Optex 880ml

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Premium finishing putty with colour change technology.

  • Much like the Rage Opex body filler, the Metal Glaze Optex changes colour from pink to green when ready to sand, typically 14 to 18 minutes. The Metal Glaze Optex is a fine finishing filler, self levelling and a super smooth feel when spreading. Contains Evercoat' new ECORESIN, the eco-friendly resin that delivers and easier sand.

Evercoat Metal Glaze Optex for UK Delivery

  • METAL GLAZE® OPTEX™ is the world’s best sanding polyester putty for use as a finishing coat over body filler, large panels or small spot filling. Its unparalleled adhesion and refinining qualities are due in part to EcoResin®
  • It's patented resin formula which helps maintain surface speed through aggressive cutting conditions while remaining easy on fast-moving metal parts like hinges without ever becoming brittle enough that it breaks down under pressure -
  • Making METALGLXOPTEK ideal whether you're using tools such as grinders/mills cutters etc., but also with other products offered by Metalworks Systems; including epoxy primers & topcoats!