Evercoat Fibre Tech

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High strength bridging filler for gap filling applications

  • Contains Kevlar for superior strength and durability. Excellent for rigid plastic repairs on ground effects, spoilers, running boards and body panels. Superior adhesion to steel, galvanized steel and aluminium.

Evercoat Fibre Tech Filler

  • Evercoat's reinforced fillers are made with a unique blend of fiber types. It has the bridging capability and density that make it great for thin applications, but also adds superior strength when used on Bare Steel or Galvanized steel surfaces like those found at home exterior trimming projects where rusting is most likely to occur over time.
  • Because they don't have any coating applied onto them first before applying Evercoats Technology Filler coatings which means these products will last longer against environmental factors such as rainwater seepage since there won’t be anything attracting moisture from outside getting trapped inside causing structural damage into what should be an enclosure protecting its contents instead!

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