DeVilbiss DV-1 Smart Repair Gun and Cup

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An Effortless, High Precision Auto Spray Painting Experience

When spray painting a car, a firm grip, and pinpoint accuracy are keywords to a successful project. Because success and failure are both always quite obvious. Remember, you're aiming for that brand-new paint look and seamless repair finish (with proven paint savings as a bonus). 

The DeVilbiss DV-1 Smart Repair Gun boasts effortless high performance - thanks to its finely tuned air caps for consistent results and its fluid nozzles. It features a DV1-S1, HVLP PLUS 1.0mm and 1.2mm nozzle that allows you to spray consistent, even patterns, and repair spots with up to 65% of your paint reaching the intended target. The DeVilbiss DV-1 Smart Repair Gun is easy to use, carries just the right amount of weight, and makes working hours go as painlessly as possible.

What to expect from the DV1S smart spot repair spray gun:

  • Smart, easy spray, controlled performance to make the entire spraying process simpler
  • Consistent, uniform sprays
  • Effortless atomization achieved through an array of fluid nozzle assemblies and finely tuned air caps for consistent spray patterns
  • Guarantees satisfactory first-time results 
  • Enhanced transfer efficiency that ensures you get the most bang for your buck.
  • Proven paint savings from its superior high-efficiency performance
  • Reduced repair costs 

What's included in the DV1S Gun package:

  • Devilbiss DV-1S Smart Repair Spray Gun
  • DV1-S1 / HVLP PLUS 1.0mm and 1.2mm nozzle
  • DV-1S spray cup

Finely tuned Air Caps

The included finely-tuned air caps deliver consistent sprays and the M1 and S2 Aircaps are great for applying clear coats in a variety of different situations. The M1 Micro cap is the best choice if you're working on smaller areas or intricate designs, while an S-type version will be easier to apply near the water with less factory peel (especially good when used by itself).

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Check out the DeVilbiss DV1 Smart Repair brochure.

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