DeVilbiss DV-1 Clearcoat 1.2 Gun and Cup

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Devilbiss DV-1 Clearcoat Gun

  • 1.2mm fluid tip

The Next Generation Spray Gun

The new front end of the DV1 features an improved Air and Fluid Management Architecture to create superior atomization performance and to meet the requirements of spraying the most challenging basecoats on the market today. The DV1 produces a perfectly balanced and consistent spray pattern to achieve precise color matches, seamless transitions and blends, and remarkably smooth finishes – as well as superlative metallic orientation and control.

The DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun looks different, because it is. Very different, in fact. Everything is new. New ergonomics. New air cap design. New fluid tip technology. New co-axial air valve design.

No other clearcoat gun is built like it. Redesigned from the ground up. Precision engineered. This is the spray gun for the professional refinisher.

We spend hours in pursuit of perfection. But however beautiful the car is, and however nice a paint job it deserves, time is of the essence. Business is business. So, getting the job right first time, every time, is important.

Improving the guns’ ergonomics for better comfort ensures the DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun feels natural, like an extension of your arm, making it easier to move around with. To go with your own flow.

After all, it’s the car that should be glistening, not your forehead. Clever design makes the DV1 simple to use, but also easier to clean. That’s because it was designed by the people who know best. Spray gun engineers. We’ve been there, done it. We know what’s important in a gun.

Take for example, the air control valve. For the first time ever, we’ve combined it with the air inlet. This gives you a more consistent air flow, but it also makes the gun lighter and easier to clean, as there’s one less part.

The components are quick to remove and low maintenance, which results in time savings. Critical in business. And what’s more, they’re tough. Everything’s made to last. Even down to the PTFE coated springs. So, there’s no need to keep changing parts. You can focus on the job.

Feel like the king of color. A magician, who with every wave, creates magic. Make every drop dance to your rhythm. The DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun places the power in your hands. It works in harmony with yourself.

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