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Car Spray Paint

Looking for aerosol can of paint for your car? We can mix it. Car Paint Experts have a complete mixing scheme for automotive paint able to mix up to 70000 All we need to know to mix the paint is your vehicle make and the colour code for you car.  Don't panic, if you're unsure of your paint code, we can help. Enter your vehicle registration below and we'll check the paint code, if it's successful, great! If it can't be found through our registration lookup we'll need you to find the paint code.

Where is my car paint code?

In 99% of cases the paint code is located on the VIN plate, send us a photo of the VIN plate and we'll dig out the paint code if it's not easily visible. Popular locations for the VIN plates are inside the door frame, in the engine bay near the windscreen, in the glove box or sometimes in the rear spare wheel holder. We have a blog dedicated to finding your colour code.

What else do I need?

If you're painting a car with a basecoat aerosol, you'll need a clear coat to cover and protect it. You can check our range of clearcoat aerosols.