3M Trizact 443SA Discs 150mm

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Our foam discs refine paint rectification scratches prior to polishing. This saves time, reduces risk of damage and increases productivity by eliminating the need for wool compounding pads!

The Benefits of 3M Trizact Discs

  • Longest Life and Best Performance - The triangular profile of each Trizact disc is composed of three precisely ground and honed abrasive layers that progressively do the bulk of the work as they contact the material being processed.
  • Consistent Performance and Finish - Thanks to their unique triangular profile, Trizact discs do not load up as easily as conventional abrasives. This means they run cooler and last much longer than other types of abrasive discs.
  • Reduced Operator Fatigue - In most cases you will require less downtime during a job to change discs because Trizact fibre discs last longer than conventional abrasives. 
  • Cooler Running Abrasives Result in More Control and Better Finish - Because they run cooler than other types of disc, 3M Trizact products allow operators to work faster and deliver a better quality of cut or finish.

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