3M Cubitron II Cubitron 737U Disc 150mm

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The 3M Cubitron II Disc is rated with 9 on the Mohs scale, also with one of the highest non-abrasive materials in the world that is why it can be said that 3M Cubitron II Cubitron 737U Disc 150mm has excellent wear resistance with very high impact strength.

Fantastically suited for automotive repair work with efficient cutting with reduced friction.

Advantages of the 3M Cubitron 737U Discs

  • Environmental benefits: It does not produce any hazardous dust
  • No noise reduction needed as it operates at low speed
  • It can be recycled after wet processing, when worn down to 2mm they become GGBS
  • Less pressure required resulting in less wear and tear

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