UPOL Weld#2 Through Primer

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A high adhesion, super conductive primer offering excellent rust protection when applied to suitably prepared panels prior to SPOT, MIG and TIG welding.

  • Fast drying - speeds up the welding process
  • High concentration of zinc or copper in the dry film
  • Corrosion resistant

Resistant to most common industrial chemicals.

Smooth finish with UPOL smooth-on primer filler (#UB02) or rough it up with #UB04 for better filling/grip on the weld.

Designed for use on steel panels between 0.8mm and 2mm thick, with excellent adhesion properties due to its semi-dry, semi-liquid or liquid film properties.

It is suited for various welding techniques including MIG, TIG and SPOT. It can be applied in either a thinned or undiluted form, depending on the application requirements.