Seam Sealer for Car Bodywork

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Seam sealer is used on virtually every car and does not affect their performance in any way, other than keeping water and dirt from getting inside the car after it has been built. The sealer will allow water to still escape from the vehicle once dried, while leaving a barrier ensuring that nothing else gets in.

By brands such as Body+, UPOL and HB Body in 300ml & 1L.


£9.91 (inc. VAT) £8.26 (ex. VAT)


£10.99 (inc. VAT) £9.16 (ex. VAT)


£26.99 (inc. VAT) £22.49 (ex. VAT)

HB Body

£12.98 (inc. VAT) £10.82 (ex. VAT)

HB Body

£7.44 (inc. VAT) £6.20 (ex. VAT)