UPOL Raptor Kit 4L

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UPOL Raptor 4 Bottle Kit

The 4 Bottle RAPTOR kit is the industry standard in bed liner coatings. Each kit contains 4 bottles of RAPTOR and a tin of hardener.   

  • Each kit covers approximately 12m², enough to do a full size pick-up truck bed
  • Compatible with both RAPTOR standard and professional application guns

Unique, industry leading formula bonded to a polymer substrate which ensures durability and ease of use.

Compatible with both standard and professional application guns

Superior chemical bonding through the polymeric resin technology for extreme durability and long lasting protection

All round superior performance including: quick dry times, customisable texture finishes and unlimited colour choices

Very low VOCs and Zero odour

The safe alternative to bedliner kits as no specialist equipment is required for application.

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