Indasa MTE 48mm / 2 inch Masking Tape Box

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For Fast & Effortless Automotive Paint Jobs


Want to avoid unnecessary clean-ups and damage? Protect your work for dust and overspray and ensure a quality finish! Car painting is a tricky business. All it takes is one piece of poor masking tape to ruin an entire day's work. While a great automotive masking tape will not only give you clean, crisp, curvy paint lines, but also spare you the frustration and hassle that comes with the job.


The Indasa MTE 2-inch masking tape promises all of the above and then some. It is 80°C/176°F heat resistant for up to 30 minutes for easy baking. Tape elongation is excellent, the adhesive is strong with clean removal.

  • Strong adhesive sleeves 
  • Sharp-lines protector
  • Widely applicable - it can be used for car painting, masking and home design.
  • No re-taping required - spares you the hassle of repetitive work
  • You get clean lines, even on curved surfaces.
  • Mess-free and it does not lift a lip when working on the tape.

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