Indasa MTE 48mm / 2 inch Masking Tape Box

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For Fast & Effortless Automotive Paint Jobs

Want to avoid unnecessary clean-ups and damage? Protect your work for dust and overspray and ensure a quality finish! Car painting is a tricky business. All it takes is one piece of poor masking tape to ruin an entire day's work. While a great automotive masking tape will not only give you clean, crisp, curvy paint lines, but also spare you the frustration and hassle that comes with the job.

What are the advantages of Indasa MTE 48mm Masking Tape?

The Indasa MTE 2-inch masking tape promises all of the above and then some. It is 80°C/176°F heat resistant for up to 30 minutes for easy baking. Tape elongation is excellent, the adhesive is strong with clean removal.

  • Strong adhesive sleeves 
  • Sharp-lines protector
  • Widely applicable - it can be used for car painting, masking and home design.
  • No re-taping required - spares you the hassle of repetitive work
  • You get clean lines, even on curved surfaces.
  • Mess-free and it does not lift a lip when working on the tape.

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