Masking Paper 48 inch x 200m

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MHP paper has a high wet strength and is tightly bonded with little or no fiber contamination. It gives excellent resistance to base coats, clear coats, urethanes- even water based paints!

Additionally Mhp provides enhanced hold out for solids which are generally better at sticking than traditional papers do due an increase of polymerization on these types of surface treatments making them perfect if you're working within one specific genre like comic books where detail matters most but don't want extra weight in your portfolio.

MHP use 50gsm paper for their Kraft Masking paper as in their opinion, anything thinner substantially increases the risk of bleed.

Please note that a 1 metre square of 50gsm MHP masking paper contains:

  • 10% more paper than a 45gsm paper - that’s 10% more protection
  • 20% more paper than a 40gsm paper - that’s 20% more protection

From our market research, competitors will charge more for a 40gsm.

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