JTape No Edge Blending Tape Plus

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Gives the perfect finish when blending clearcoat

No Edge Blending Tape is the smart solution for masking swage lines and panel edges to create a seamless finish from new paintwork to old. Non-stretch, No Edge Blending Tape can be applied quickly and accurately for straight edges, giving a feathered finish and eliminating reworking; removing the foam tape while the clear coat is still wet gives the perfect finish. Temperature resistant to 160°C / 320°F makes it the ideal solution for high temperature bake cycles and SMART repairs with infrared lamps.

The fast and sure way to mask swage lines and panel edges to avoid hard paint edges. Eliminates unnecessary rework due to unwanted paint edges.

  • Seamless blending from old to new paintwork
  • Ideal for body swage lines
  • No paint edges
  • Non stretch
  • Just one size for every occasion
  • More absorbent
  • Available in a multiple roll dispensing box