JTape Advanced Foam Tape

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Advanced Foam Masking Tape is one of JTAPE’s ‘hero’ products, the innovative solution to standard, round, smooth-edge foam masking tapes. Advanced Foam Masking Tape is designed to mask all apertures to prevent overspray, providing a high quality finish while saving time and money.

  • 20mm x 50m

Unlike standard foam tapes, it is applied to the inner side of the door (the moving part on a vehicle), rather than the body; once closed the product can be adjusted into position. Unlike standard tape, the adhesive is offset on the foam; this avoids paint and clear coat coming into contact with the adhesive, allowing a feathered finish, and to prevent the build-up of hard edges.

Advanced Foam Masking Tape is supplied as a continuous roll, rather than in strips, it can be easily torn to size and retains its shape to rejoin, which is not possible with standard foam tape; the result is a considerable saving on materials. An original innovation by JTAPE, one of the key features of Advanced Foam Masking Tape is to mask the gap between the front door and the wing/fender; the offset adhesive allows you to attach the tape to the back of the wing/fender making it possible to close the door and adjust the tape into position to prevent overspray and allow the masking of those tricky A-post rubber seals.

Advanced Foam Masking Tape is the ultimate solution for masking all vehicle gaps; adjustable; no hardedges; no wastage; clean removal; saving time and money.