Indasa Rhynogrip Whiteline 150mm

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Smart Abrasive Discs for Unbeatable Sanding Results

Want to achieve the best looking, smoothest and most durable paint job ever?

Even the most expensive car paint won't be up to snuff if you skip proper sanding. It's not rocket science - you'll need to straighten, smooth, and prepare the surface of the car's paint. So, these sanding abrasive discs will ensure that this process is as easy, painless, and stress-free as possible.

With their high initial cutting action, nylon backing system, and quick residue removal - these abrasive discs take the fuss out of sanding any car's surface. It's a versatile abrasive with a velvet backing, and top-notch end-results.

The Benefits of Indasa Rhynogrip Whiteline Discs

  • For dry sanding only.
  • Smart gripping system - allows you to put it on and take it off in a snap.
  • Universally applicable - for the automotive industry and beyond.
  • Made of durable material - For a great bang for your buck.

Grab a box now and up your prep game a notch. Just press the purchase button and fill in the order form - we will send you the whole package immediately.

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