Evercoat EZ Ultra Lite 3L

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Formulated for a smooth spreading application

A quality body filler is paramount to the modern bodyshop, the difference between a good and poor filler is obvious, any technician in the refinish trade will tell you this, especially when it comes to large repairs.
Let's face it, when it comes to fillers, it's not about the end result and how it looks, any filler will get you there. It's all about how it gets the job done, no one wants to be sanding for hours trying to remove the pin holes. A filler needs to be light, smooth, easy to sand and strong with no pin holes. Is it too much to ask for a fine finish?

The Evercoat EZ Ultra Lite is effortless easy to work with and gets the job done and takes the fuss out of filling.

Benefits of the EZ Ultra Lite

  • The quick drying properties and ultra fine formula will improve efficiency.
  • Excellent adhesion enables you to use it on multiple surfaces including hard plastics.
  • It's ultra light weight means is suitable for large repairs.
  • Mixes easily

Super fast material removal

Evercoat EZ Ultra Lite is exceptionally easy to sand is that it says on the tin, meaning super fast material removal (like hard plastics), more time to work on other projects. You don't want to be aiming for a fine finish and spending time sanding when you don't need to?

Materials it can be applied to:

  • Hard plastics
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
It can be used on Commercial and Construction vehicles with it's ultra fine formula. We've got loads of the EZ Ultra Lite in stock, it's one of our fastest movers due to how it mixes easily. Click buy today and get yours delivered to your door, ready to get the job done.

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