UPOL Wipe#6 Solvent Degreaser

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An anti-static, anti-silicone degreaser that removes contaminants including wax, grease and silicone. 

  • Fast evaporating for localised repairs
  • Formulated to avoid attack on existing paint film
  • Can be used on bare metal and existing paint surfaces

Wipe#6 Solvent Degreaser works on contact to dissolve silicone deposits. As silicone does not evaporate it is necessary to leave the product on for short, approximately 30 seconds, before wiping off with a cloth or by rinsing with water. Wipe#6 can be used undiluted without risk of damage, but when working in confined spaces, the solvent should be used in a well ventilated room or under an extractor fan.

Wipe#6 does not contain any CFC's, HCFCs & is completely non-hazardous

UPOL Wipe 6 Solvent Degreaser - 703ml Aerosol Can

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