What is Waxoyl used for?

Nicholas Edwards

Waxoyl is an aerosol spray containing a chemical compound designed to prevent the formation of rust.

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It is a commercial rust inhibitor used to treat the underside of vehicles, boats and household items. It is applied directly to surfaces in an aerosol before being left to dry.

Once the product has dried the paint will create a protective layer over rusted metal preventing further corrosion. Waxoyl also prevents the formation of surface rust on items that are already treated with it allowing them to maintain their appearance for longer.

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Different Waxoyl Sprays

There are several different types of Waxoyl sprays available depending on what it is being applied to.

Each spray has a slightly different strength level meaning that one will be more suitable for use on metal while another can be used for less important equipment such as chains.

Some brands even sell the same type of treatment with varying levels of fragrance or additives designed specifically for either home or commercial usage!

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What is it used for?

As well as preventing fresh corrosion Waxoyl rust treatment spray also has other uses beyond protecting against rust and it's benefits are not limited to surfaces. The product can be used remove oil stains from driveways, clean the wheels on cars, get rid of paint splatters and prevent rust in car batteries.

How to use Waxoyl

  • When using Waxoyl for the first time it is best to do a test patch first as there may be some discolouration of the item being treated.
  • Simply spray an inconspicuous part of whatever you are protecting and leave it overnight before checking if there is any change in colour.
  • If you are satisfied that there is no damage or discolouration then you can apply the product to the entire area.

For best results apply Waxoyl regularly at least once every three months however some types are formulated specifically for infrequent application meaning that one coat may last up to a year.