What is Mirka Abranet Sandpaper?

Nicholas Edwards

Mirka Abranet abrasives are a revolutionary new type of sandpaper that is changing the face of the industry! Abranet consists of perforated adhesive-backed flexible sheets with an open mesh backing.

This innovative product is incredibly durable, long lasting and 100% waterproof. What does this mean to the average DIYer? For starters it means no more ruined sanding pads from overspray! In addition, all surfaces can now be used for any given job - wet or dry.

mirka abranet sandpaper

Mirka Abranet Sandpaper vs. Traditional Sandpaper

While traditional sandpaper is typically clogged and contaminated by paint and finishes after just one use, Mirka's 100% waterproof design allows you to keep working without stopping to clean the sandpaper. Mirka Abranet Sandpaper is also an incredible time saver as it gives you longer sanding life and requires no messy cleanup.

Sandpaper Types:

There are three types of Abranet sandpapers - Mesh, Open and P80/P100!

  1. The mesh sandpaper boasts a very fine mesh count that makes for incredibly smooth finishes on even your most intricate jobs.
  2. The open sandpaper has larger holes and is great for re-sanding and smoothing out paint drips, runs and other mistakes on just about any surface!
  3. Finally the P grids offer increased dust extraction which means less mess when sanding indoors!

mirka abranet roll 115mm x 25m

How to use Mirka Abranet Sandpaper:

Mirka Abranet sandpaper is incredibly easy to use! 

  • Simply apply the adhesive backing included with your kit to the back of the desired grit, peel it off and stick it straight to your sander.
  • When you are done for the day simply remove, fold up and store in a dry, dust-free area!
With Mirka's innovative design cleanup has never been easier or safer.