What is 2K Primer used for on cars?

Nicholas Edwards

 2K Primer is used on cars to give them a smooth surface for bonding new paint to. It helps fill in imperfections on the surface of metal panels, helping achieve an overall smoother finish.

2K primer can also be used as a sealant for surfaces that are already painted, however it isn't able to withstand damage from sand ing and requires a topcoat in the future.

Why use a 2K primer on a car?

Using a 2K primer helps provide a smooth surface for when applying new paint, helping it to bond with the metal surface more effectively. Without this step, sanding back to bare metal can be necessary which wears out panels and takes more time.

How is it different to regular primer?

  • 2k primer is thinner than regular primer - its consistency is almost like water
  • 2k primer dries much faster than regular primer on vehicles; it's light in colour which will help us in our shading process
  • You can apply several coats, but generally one vehicle coat is enough to give good cover.
  • It has good coverage, even on dark surfaces with only few drops of colour! 

2k raptor primer

Which is better 1k or 2k primer?

1k primer has very thick consistency. It also leaves more residue than 2k primer which makes the whole process of drying longer.

2k primer can be applied several times (multiple dry/wet coats) if needed, but 1k should only be applied once or twice max. because of its thickness. 

Can I spray 2k primer on bare metal?

You can try, but I don't suggest you do it because metal will probably rust before primer dries.

Can I spray 2k primer on resin?

Yes, but read the label first to make sure the product is compatible. If you're not sure , use test pieces to see if resin gets damaged before using it.

Can I spray 2k primer on plastic?

Yes, but only 1 or 2 coats because plastic can melt! And make sure you mix your colour with enamel thinner (not acrylic).

How do you use epoxy with 2k primer?

You can't. You'll need to use special automotive primers or putty, because epoxy does not stick well on these surfaces.

Is 2k primer thicker than normal primer?

Yes, but only slightly - if you use thin coats you shouldn't have any problems with coverage. Remember you only need to cover every part fully, not cover every little detail, because the next layer of paint will do that job.

What is the difference between 2k and acrylic primer?

2k primer will give you better results, it's easier to use and dries quickly. You also need less of it compared to lacquer based primers (which means they will cost more). On the other hand acrylic primers are more "transparent" so you can use them as a finishing layer and they're compatible with acrylic based paints.