What are microfibre cloths used for?

Nicholas Edwards

Microfibre cloths are the ideal tool for many cleaning jobs because they are very absorbent and can pick up smaller particles. In this article we'll show you some of the use cases where microfibre cloths outshine conventional ones, giving you a helping hand in housekeeping.

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Microfibre Cloth Uses

Furniture and doors: With their low weight and high absorption properties , microfibre cloths allow you to easily remove dust without leaving streaks or lint on furniture and doors.

Use them in tight spaces: The small size and shape of microfibre cloths makes them perfect when it comes to getting into corners or when cleaning between items. Use them to clean behind cupboards, radiators, TV sets, etc.

Windows and mirrors: Edgeless Microfibre cloths are glass specialists. They make it easy to remove smudges, fingerprints or dirt from windows and mirrors without leaving lint or streaks behind .

Stairs: Just as with furniture and doors, microfibre cloths can easily be used for cleaning stairs since they don't scratch the surface and are still able to pick up dust effectively .

Dusting: To clean flat surfaces such as shelves, window sills etc., microfibre cloths are the ideal tool because they will not leave any marks or damage delicate materials such as china or paper .

Car interior: The large size of most microfibre cloths means that no space is too tight to clean with them. All it takes is one pass for you to remove dust, dirt and pet hair from your car interior .

They are also perfect for cleaning appliances such as TVs, DVD players or laptops because they'll not leave behind any annoying lint or streaks . Microfibre cloths can even be used on leather shoes without damaging the surface!

Finally, a huge benefit of microfibre cloths is how easy they are to maintain: just pop them in the washing machine!