What are aerosol primers?

Nicholas Edwards

An aerosol primer is a type of paint used to prepare the surface before painting. It rapidly speeds up drying time and bonds well with many different surfaces.

Is an aerosol primer better than a regular spray paint?

Many people prefer aerosol sprays over regular spray paints because they are easier to apply and more effective.

high 5 primer

What are High #5 Primers?

High #5 is the industry designation for a type of solvent-based, high build primer that is tintable with exterior paint pigments. High#5 Primers can be used on a variety of surfaces such as wood, masonry and metal, and it has excellent adhesion to both smooth and rough surfaces. In addition, oil based primers have greater resistance against blistering or bubbling caused by fluctuations in temperature variation. Because it dries slower than water-based primer, this type of primer may require more coats to achieve desired results.

filling primer

What are filling primers?

Filling primers are designed to deal with any uneven surfaces that need to be painted over. They fill holes and cracks in the surface of wood, metal, stone, concrete or other solid materials. While you can use just about any type of paint on top of a filling primer, latex paints work best because it will not shrink while drying. Note that some kinds of wood require an oil-based primer instead—these include poplar, redwood and cedar.

high build primer

What are high build primers?

High build primers are designed to be more durable and cover better than your typical primer, which means that they can be sanded or filled multiple times. They may need to dry overnight (and some high-build primers require a light sanding between coats). These types of primers can also provide an extra layer of protection for surfaces such as stone, brick and masonry.

universal spot primer

What is a universal spot primer?

A universal spot primer is a product that can be applied as both a primer and sealer, which broadens its utility. Compared to other primers, it fills in colour differences better because the paint used on top of it is more compatible with the base coating. These types of primers can also make a surface stain-resistant. This means that you will need fewer coats of paint to achieve your preferred look or depth of shade.

power can primer

What is a power can primer?

A power can primer is a type of aerosol primer that provides a smooth, even coat with no brush or roller marks. Compared to an airbrush, the finish from a power can primer will be thicker and heavier—and much better suited for covering larger surfaces.