The Average Cost to Respray a Car In The UK

Nicholas Edwards

There are several reasons for wanting to get a car resprayed.  The most commonly seen are minor damage to the paintwork, sun-fading, colour fading/change over time, and also for regular maintenance.

Respraying a car can give it a 'new car' feel, revitalising the vehicle and can give the car owner newfound confidence.

car respraying

Areas covered in this article:

Work Done  Average Minimum Cost (UK)
Full Respray (no repairs) £2500
Full Respray (minor repairs) £3000
Full Respray (larger repairs) £4000
Car Bumper Spray £250
One Side Panel Spray £200
Paint Chip Repair £120
Roof Respray £700
Spoiler Respray £200

What is the cost for a full car respray?

The average full car respray cost for an average sized vehicle such as a Volkswagen Golf requiring minimal repairs would be around £2500 + VAT. This figure would be higher for larger vehicles such as an Audi A3 and it would be lower for smaller vehicles such as a Vauxhall Corsa.

This cost would include painting of A & B panels (doors/wings/fenders) and C pillars (roof/doors), decontamination, masking of areas such as windows, light units in order to repaint them, repairs in required areas and a car paint job that is completed with a high grade car paint.

There are many reasons that the cost of respraying your vehicle could vary including:

  • Scratch damage - if you have lots of scratch damage to fix, this will increase the overall cost of the car paint job significantly. 
  • Colour choice - Companies offering complete resprays, whether it be in part or for a full vehicle refurbishment, can use any colour you require. If that type of car paint colour happens to be an expensive one then expect to pay more.
  • Repair work required - repair work could include anything from filling small dents/scratches, adding plastic adhesive tabs to rust spots, welding body parts back together, etc.; all of which are different costs involved with getting your vehicle repaired. 

Average Car Respray Costs with Repair Work

A full car respray for an average sized vehicle such as a Vauxhall Astra requiring minor repairs would be from roughly £3000 + VAT. 

These minor repairs would include:

  • panels that are dented
  • bumper scuffs
  • smaller areas with rust
  • scratches

The cost of a full respray for an average-sized vehicle such as a Ford Focus requiring more extensive repairs would be from roughly £4000 + VAT. 

These more extensive repairs would include:

  • panels that require major repair
  • severely rusting and dented doors
  • larger areas with deep scratches and cracks.

The Cost for a Car Bumper Respray

Respraying a car bumper would cost between around £250-£350 + VAT. This would be for a single vehicle bumper that requires no other repairs or servicing.

Factors affecting the paint job price would be the make and model of the car, the state of the bumper before the respray is started, and whether or not any work needs to be done on other panels.

Car Bumper respraying includes:

  • masking the car to protect it from the paint spray
  • removing the old paint
  • repairing any cracking or scratching and adding a new coat of paint
  • removing the car's headlights and tail-lights which are then painted separately before being reassembled onto their original positions.

The Cost to Respray One Side Panel

Respraying a side panel on a car costs from around £200-£300 + VAT. This would be the rough price for a single vehicle door or fender that requires no other repairs.

Factors affecting the price of respraying a side panel would be the make and model of the car, the state of the panels before they are repaired, and any other work that needs to be carried out in the same area.

Side Panel respraying includes:

  • repairing dents and scratches on panels (if necessary)
  • preparing paint surfaces by grinding off rust/paint to make sure the repair is as smooth as possible
  • painting the panel with a high-grade car paint.

How much does Car Paint Chip Repair Cost?

Full car paint chips/scratch repairs can range from around £120+ VAT up to roughly £160+ VAT depending on how much damage is done, where it is located on your vehicle, and what type of car you have.

A very small paint scratch on a bonnet would usually be cheaper in a body shop than a larger scratch on a door or bumper because it is an area with less surface area.

Car Paint Chip Repair includes:

  • repairing paint chips and scratches by sanding down the surrounding area to make sure there are no jagged edges
  • prepping for paint (grinding off rust, applying primer)
  • painting the car with a high-grade car paint. 

How much does it cost to respray a Car Roof?

Respraying a car roof is one of the most expensive jobs involved with getting your vehicle resprayed.

A full roof respray would cost roughly £700+ VAT, this would include masking off the windows and trimming to protect it from paint spray. The price does not include any work that needs to be done on the pillars or arches.

Roof respraying includes:

  • removing all of the old paint down to bare metal by sanding so there are no bumps or ridges in your surface
  • fitting new drip rails if they are missing/damaged  
  • preparing for paint (grinding off rust)  
  • painting with two coats of high-quality car paint  
  • masking off roof, windows and trim  
  • drying the paint following application

How much does it cost to respray a spoiler?

Small areas of a spoiler can be repaired by sanding, filling and painting for around £100-£150+ VAT. However, adding a new coat to a complete spoiler can cost from roughly £200 + VAT depending on the size and the make/model of your vehicle.

These are estimates so as we mentioned in our article on how long it takes a car to get painted, make sure you get in touch with multiple bodyshops and garages to  find out each of their individual quotes for pricing.