New Mirka Galaxy Sanding Discs

New Mirka Galaxy Sanding Discs

Nicholas Edwards

Galaxy Discs. As Impressive as they sound?

Mirka have released a brand new disc to their already massive range, titled the Galaxy disc. Mirka claims they sand faster and longer and their clogging resistant coating and the new Multifit hole configuration, apparently, lets you sand without dust.

Sounds good.

What are Mirka Galaxy Discs?

Essentially, the Mirka Galaxy Discs are a film disc, the abrasive cutting bits are ceramic which Mirka claim are "Self Sharpening". Ceramic coatings seem to be touching all products of the body shop trade, from compounds and polishes, now discs. A ceramic coating adds a very hard coating and with modern clear coats it's needed; the end finishes are becoming harder to break down.

Mirka also claims that the new Galaxy discs have a clogging resistant coating, this along with the multiple holes on the back and DEROS extraction system results in an impressive tool.

Check out of range of Mirka Galaxy Ceramic Discs. Before you do, you're able to see what Mirka say about them.