How to Remove Vinyl Wrap

Nicholas Edwards

Typically, the vinyl used to wrap your car is guaranteed for a certain period of time, some vinyl such as 3M's are guaranteed for up 7 years if fitted by an approved installer. Obviously, such vinyl will cost more, However, it does not matter what vinyl is used, the removal is the same method and a lot of care is needed. We've seen some nasty removals which ended up costing more than the vinyl install. Recently, we've seen an Audi R8 needing a full respray, the worst case of removal was a customer removing the factory installed Union Jack flag on their Mclaren 720S. The original Azores Orange underneath was a three stage ink basecoat colour, the paint was only available from Mclaren, fortunately the vinyl removed only required the wing to be resprayed. Expensive none-the-less.

How do you remove a vinyl wrap from a car?