How is Farecla G3 used in Car Refinishing?

Nicholas Edwards

The innovative Farecla G3 Compound is well suited for car refinishing work. It can be used to remove corrosion, scratches and oxidation.

The special abrasive action of this compound ensures that all defects disappear quickly. This allows the paintwork to look its absolute best again after just one application. This saves both time and money, meaning you save more than just your customers' cars! Use Farecla G3 by itself or as a primer coat before applying the Glosscoat 2K clearcoat layer .The only limit here is your own creativity!

Farecla G3 Compound

Depending on whether you are working in body shops or garages, there are different procedures when using Farecla G3:

Farecla G3 Methods of Application

Body shop method 1 (non-sanding):

  • Work Farecla G3 into the paintwork with a rotating polisher at medium speed.
  • Apply an even layer of Farecla G3 over the entire car, ensuring that there are no visible streaks.
  • Then work it in to all parts of the surface by hand until it is dry and free from residue. Only then should you use a microfiber cloth to wipe off any excess product.

Body shop method 2 (sanding):

  • After sanding (Optional), apply Farecla G3 using a rotary polisher at slow speeds to only those areas requiring treatment, usually body damages or scratches.
  • Allow this discoloration removal process to take place for approx. 3 minutes, but no longer than 5 minutes! Repeat if necessary before carrying out a second sanding with a moderate grain size.
  • Now, use a rotary polisher again on slow speeds to remove the residue from the microfiber disc. Finally, apply 2 thin layers of Farecla G3 by hand in a crisscross pattern and leave for approx. 10 minutes each layer before removing any excess product using a clean microfiber cloth.

Farecla G3 Compound 400g

Body shop method 3 (non-sanding):

  • Apply Farecla G3 with an orbital polisher at low speed over the entire car surface and work it in completely using a clean foam pad or 100% cotton applicator pad.

  • Then move on to applying another thin layer until all defects have been removed from the surface before moving on to another section of your body shop.

  • Repeat this process until the entire car has been treated. Finally, wipe off any excess product with a clean microfiber cloth at low speed!

Garage method (sanding):

  • Sand the entire car with 180 - 240 grit sandpaper. Apply Farecla G3 using an orbital polisher, foam pad and 100% cotton applicator pad.

  • Use slow speeds to work it in before moving up to higher speeds when removing residue from the surface.

  • Then apply another thin layer over the entire surface until all defects have been removed from the bodywork before finally removing any excess product after around 10 minutes using a clean microfiber cloth.