How do you use UPOL Gravitex Stone Chip on a car?

Nicholas Edwards

You apply UPOL Gravitex Stone Chip by evenly spraying the product on an oxidized or non-paintwork car body.

After spraying UPOL Gravitex Stone Chip, keep it away from water for about five minutes and then dry off with a clean cloth.

Lack of maintaining will make your car's surface rough, but if well taken care of, UPOL Gravitex Stone Chip can stay for a long time. You can use it over and over again to protect your paintwork against stone chip damage caused by flying rocks!

Quick Tip: Avoid using Gravitex Stone Chip on rubber and plastic parts of your car as they may peel off after use.

What is Gravitex Stonechip used for?

It is used to prevent damage by rocks and stones damaging your vehicle paintwork and other exterior parts like bumpers and even alloy wheels. It applied in the form of a wax, but dries to a dustproof and crack proof skin that will keep your vehicle looking great for years.

How Can I Remove Gravitex Stone Chip From My Windshield?

Step One: Find the crack or chip and clean around it

The first step is to find the item that has chipped your windshield and remove as much of the broken glass as possible. Use a small screwdriver or similar to scrape off any loose pieces after which you can use a damp cloth to wipe away the debris and dirt and let it dry out.

Step Two: Apply touch up paint

Next, apply some touch up paint over the damaged area. The best way to do this is by applying several light layers with an hour or two between each one so that it completely dries before adding another coat. This may take a little longer but this helps create an even finish with no bleeding through to the other side of your windscreen so always be patient! After all... Rome wasn't built in a day, right?

Step Three: Apply touch up paint sealant

Once you have applied the last layer of touch up paint to your vehicle windscreen and it has dried for several hours you can then apply a generous coating of a sealant to help protect it from any stones or other debris that may hit the glass again. For best results use a spray on product which will go on evenly and dry to a fine dust repellent finish that won't leave any smudges or streaks behind when you wipe over it with your wipers after each rainfall. The one we recommend also provides UV protection so your car's paintwork won't fade! Safe driving!