How do you mix UPOL body filler?

Nicholas Edwards

The best way to mix UPOL body filler is by hand, with a wooden or plastic mixing stick.

You can also use a drill with a mixer attachment to cut down on the time it takes to mix up your filler. Whichever method you choose, make sure that your filler is mixed thoroughly and that there are no lumps left in the body filler before application.

upol premium body filler

What sort of consistency should the filler have?

However, you choose to mix UPOL body filler you should end up with a creamy consistency similar to cake batter. If your mixture is too thick add small amounts of water until you have achieved the right consistency. If your mixture is too thin then slowly add more powder until you have reached the desired level of thickness.

In some situations, such as filling large gaps where there is insufficient material to work with, it may be necessary to hydrate the body filler with water before applying it to your surface.

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How do you mix UPOL body filler with water?

To hydrate UPOL body filler with water, stir one part UPOL into three parts of room-temperature tap water until fully dissolved. You can then apply this mixture to your desired location just as you would use the regular powder.

When applying UPOL water-mixed body filler, make sure that you spread it thinly and evenly across the area that needs repair. Work in small sections at a time and allow the body filler to dry (following manufacturer's recommended drying times) before using any tools on it such as files or rasps.

So there you have it – now you know how to mix UPOL body filler. Give it a try and let us know what you think!