DeVilbiss DV1-S Mini Spray Gun Reviews

DeVilbiss DV1-S Mini Spray Gun Reviews

Nicholas Edwards

The DV1S you say. What's that?

The DV1S is the latest release in the DV1 range from DeVilbiss, aimed at the smart repair user. Essentially, a small gun for your smart repairs and alloy wheel resprays. What's great is that the DV1S spray gun is shipped with two fluid nozzles and the 125mm cup, we think it looks fantastic.

The DV1S renders a 7.9inch spray fan, a massive range for such a small gun, it's definitely punching above its weight. The HVLP S1+ air cap is the large even spray pattern.

DeVilbiss DV1S
One of our customers, Pete runs his own YouTube channel called Pete's Hobbies reviewing a variety of spraying gear. We'll have to be clear here with a little disclaimer, Pete has purchased the gun himself, we've not give him any help and all the reviews are his own thoughts.
Firstly we have the unboxing video.

Finally, we have Pete spraying a petrol tank using the DV-1S.