DeVilbiss DV-1 Spray Guns

DeVilbiss DV-1 Spray Guns

Nicholas Edwards

DeVilbiss DV-1

Are the DeVilbiss DV-1 guns the best spray guns?

Certainly a contentious topic, we'll leave you to make your own decisions. But for this post, they'll be the guns we'll be focusing on. We'll run you through the complete range, the options and finish with an independent ozzy review.

The first of the Devilbiss DV-1 gun range was released back in 2018, a silver basecoat gun, followed up with a specific matt black clearcoat gun, both with digital gauges. The digital gauge is placed in-line at eye level for quick, easy checking, providing precise inlet pressures.

The black clearcoat DV-1 came with a completely new fluid tip, not seen on any other DeVilbiss gun, designed to stabilise the air flow and maximise the fluid flow. Together it presents a very efficient use of material over the coverage.


How to adjust the Devilbiss spray gun

To get the most out of your airbrush you must know how to properly adjust it. You may not think that this is necessary, but without proper adjustment you will never be able to paint anything worthwhile with an airbrush. Underneath is how to adjust the Devilbiss spray gun. It is very simple to do, and with just a little practice you will be able to get the best results from your airbrush.

1. Set the needle valve. This is done by turning the needle valve knob on the top of the airbrush until it stops. Now turn it in the opposite direction one and a half turns. This will give you the correct setting.

2. Adjust the air pressure. This is done by turning the knurled screw on the rear of the airbrush until you have the desired air pressure.

3. Adjust the paint flow. This is done by turning the paint flow control knob on the front of the airbrush.

4. The final step is to adjust the spray pattern. This is done by turning the spray pattern control knob on the side of the airbrush.

With these four adjustments you should be able to get the best results from your airbrush. Once you have these four adjustments set correctly, you should not have to make any more changes.

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