Colour Changing Body Filler

Colour Changing Body Filler

Nicholas Edwards

If you were to ask Evercoat, they'd tell you their Rage Opex is the worlds best body filler.

It's a bold statement. The Rage Optex is very good, but much like the Indasa HT Line discs, it changes colour when it's done. The HT Line discs start changing colour to red when the discs is ready to be changed.

The Rage Optex filler initially starts off as a red colour, once mixed with the catalyst (2%). As the filler starts to dry and harden it slowly changes colour, within 16 to 18 minutes it'll turn green and as Evercoat say, Green Means Go! (If ask us, it's more a pink to a lime).

Evercoat Rage Optex Filler Colour Change

Another great feature is that the filler can to applied straight over to the top of sanded OEM clearcoats. But as they say, seeing is believing, we'd love to be able to give you a can of Evercoat Rage Optex to try for free, but Evercoat won't let us, so instead you'll have to trust us and give it a go.